The Stamford Community Church Youth Group is a wonderful program.  The group has one purpose and reason; that is to minister, share the gospel, and teach about Christ. There are a variety of agendas and activities. Activities include Bible Study and discussion, bonfires, bowling, golfing, and Six Flags.  The youth serve at the soup kitchen and participate in many church activities.  We have fundraisers to raise money for group activities as well as ministries we wish to support.  We currently raise money for a young girl in Kenya, Africa so she can attend school.  The youth group also serves the community by shoveling and cleaning up yards.

Becoming a member of our Christian youth group has lots of advantages.  Because of the influence of the world today, many youths have been involved with bad habits like alcohol, drugs, pornography, smoking, and crimes such as stealing and even murder. These are the youth that don’t have any idea or knowledge about the gospel of Christ.  Our youth must be saved from the influence of the world.  The youth build everlasting friendships and participate in exciting fellowship.

Becoming a member of Christian youth group will change your life. You will become a better person as you strive to live the gospel of Christ.

We meet twice a month on Friday nights from 7-9pm.  Check our church calendar on this on this web page, The youth group leaders are Kelly Garnish, Debbie Hightailing, and Larry Jones Jr.  You must be thirteen years or older to attend.  Any members are encouraged to invite their friends.